Our Worship

OUR WORSHIP (@ 9:30 am Sunday)

Our Father in heaven designed us to worship, and our time together on Sunday morning is our community’s corporate outlet of our desire to worship.

We are created to worship the Creator: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

God’s only Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, our King, is the rightful recipient of our praise.

The Holy Spirit, who dwells in God’s people, connects us to God through our worship.

What does our worship look like?

We believe worship can incorporate ancient elements without being constrained by them and that worship can be innovative without abandoning truth. We blend elements of ancient practice (services structured to include weekly communion; the recitation of creeds and confessions) with new elements (new hymn tunes and interactive services). We aim to bring ancient liturgical forms into the post-modern age without deconstructing them so much that they loose their intended meaning.

Why do we sing hymns the way we do?

Most of our hymns have a folky-acoustic flavor, like much of the music of Iowa City, because we desire to sing songs that fit the local cultural context while they also richly express our faith. We sing old hymns to remind us that we are a people of God with a rich and ancient tradition. Those old hymns may be set to new music to remind us that the church is living and active. We sing new songs to remind us that our faith is not tied to any particular era of time. And we sing songs from a variety of cultural traditions to remind us that the church exists around the world and is made up of people from every tongue and tribe and nation (Revelation 9:7).

Why is worship so structured?

Our service is designed to be participatory, placing us in dialogue with Christ. We believe the sections of the service work together to tell the Gospel story.

What should you wear?

We really don’t care. But no satin disco shirts, please.

Will you be warmly welcomed?


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