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“…that their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in LOVE.” Colossians 2:2

One Ancient Hope strives to be a community in which believers grow in faith, hope, and love.

While each believer’s identity as an individual in Christ is important, the Bible calls us to live in community. In being united to Christ, we are also united to His family – the Church.

Modern technology promises to connect us to each other; but we are, in reality, more disconnected now than ever before. Meanwhile, we still seek a caring community – one that offers real relationships – and that is exactly what the Church was designed to be.

Jesus designed His church to be open and inviting, actively extending many of the benefits of Covenant community life to anyone –followers, seekers, and skeptics alike.

Creating pseudo-community is easy. Just gather people together and have each tell the others they are fine. Pseudo-communities look and feel safe. But they do not fill the need that we have as individuals created by God for real relationships with Christ and with each other. Creating real relationships can be both hard and scary.

We realize that many come into our community hurting from past wounds suffered while searching for community and relationships. Many are skeptical as to whether or not a loving, caring community can really exist on this side of heaven. One Ancient Hope is made up of fallen people who are also weak and wounded, sick and sore. But we believe that part of our mission as the Church is to strive toward creating genuine community.

At One Ancient Hope, we have opportunities for individuals and families, men and women, to build real community based on real relationships.

Gathering Time – Before Sunday morning services, we enjoy a half-hour of light refreshments and conversation. Within services, we acknowledge the accomplishments and anniversaries of our people with praise and thanks to God.

Community Groups – These are the cornerstone of One Ancient Hope’s efforts to create community. Each week group members gather together over meals to discuss the weekly message and to pray for each other. Everyone is encouraged to join.

Community Meals – One Ancient Hope comes together frequently for community-wide meals (every 6 weeks or so). These meals often take place after a service. During the summer we take advantage of great Iowa weather to enjoy BBQs in lovely Iowa City parks, and we always share a Thanksgiving meal together.

Men’s Ministry – Understanding that men need relationships with other men, One Ancient Hope provides opportunities for men to gather together.

Women’s Ministry – God created women to play a vital role in the church. At One Ancient Hope we are blessed to have numerous talented women who care deeply about our community and each other. Women meet regularly for book studies, discussion and prayer, “Brunch at The Wedge”, and playgroups…as well as occasionally being spotted at local pubs and coffee houses just having fun!

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