Our City

Iowa City is often named one of the best places to live, and with good reason. A community of just over 100,000 people, this strategic Midwestern city has a lot to boast about. Best in the nation schools, excellent health care, and plenty of high paying jobs are just the start. Lots of owner-operated restaurants and shops populate the downtown area. Each summer brings the Iowa Summer of the Arts: featuring the Shakespeare Festival, an Arts Festival, the Iowa City Jazz Festival, the Landlocked International Film Festival, and Uptown Movie and Music nights.

The University of Iowa also affects the culture of the town in many ways. It includes top tier business, law, medical, and dental schools. The Iowa Writer’s Workshop is considered to be the best writing program in the country, and one of the best in the world! Iowa City has been designated by the United Nations Council on Education, Science, and Culture as one of a select number “Creative Cities of Literature”. It is also home to the Iowa Hawkeyes, and their first class sports programs.

In short, Iowa City is a great place to live!

In Iowa City, post-Christian thought and progressive ideology meet “American apple-pie” values. Iowa City is a center for progressive thinking and politics that prides itself on its “open and affirming” stance on a variety of social issues! Iowa City is one of the most educated cities in the United States with over 47% of residents holding a Bachelor’s degree, and over 27% holding a graduate degree. Iowa City, in many ways, is the head of the culture-creating stream!

And since the gospel speaks to all of life…what better place is there to have a missional, gospel-focused church? One Ancient Hope endeavors to engage, steward, and redeem our culture through Christ by seeking the welfare of one of the most creative cities in the world by offering community, restoration, and hope!