How We Serve

Here is how One Ancient Hope is seeking the welfare of Iowa City as we follow Christ.

Project Stay Warm Each year One Ancient Hope distributes military surplus, arctic sleep-system sleeping bags to Iowa City’s homeless. These bags are capable of providing warmth at temperatures as low as -30F. While Shelter House does a fantastic job of providing needed services and shelter to the homeless population, including a brand new 75-bed facility, for various reasons, some individuals refuse to take advantage of those services (often because of social phobia and other mental illnesses). As long as One Ancient Hope is in Iowa City, our prayer is that no one freezes to death just because they are homeless. The homeless of this community were created in the image of God and deserve the mercy of God’s people.

Community Thanksgiving Meal Each year, our church opens our doors to our city’s homeless and underprivileged as we invite them to join us for our annual Community Thanksgiving Meal. While the food is a significant part of what is offered, what OAH really seeks is to see those who come would experience love and toe offer of real relationships.

Shelter House The Iowa City Shelter House is a great organization serving the homeless and displaced in Iowa City. OAH seeks to come alongside the work that Shelter House is already doing. One of the primary ways OAH works with Shelter House is through work days at their Lodges where we assist with the upkeep and improvement of these homes provided for those in need.

Disaster Relief & Recovery Our church’s story began in the midst of the 2008 Iowa Flood. One Ancient Hope brought in close to 1000 volunteers from far and wide to assist in the cleaning out and rebuilding of homes in Iowa CIty and Cedar Rapids. As a result, we are committed to continue to serve those impacted by natural disasters. Our church owns a disaster response trailer equipped with an extensive array of tools and equipment required for responding wherever we are called.

We are always on the look-out for new ways to seek the welfare of our city and would love to hear your ideas, and even better, have your participation!

For more information about any of the missional initiatives of One Ancient Hope, please contact the church office below or call 319-512-7264